Academic education. Spiritual practice. Extensive experience

Merging science and spiritual knowledge

With over 20 years of experience, including the past 12 years in clinical practices


Practical Psychology, bachelor’s and master, Kherson State University.

Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, master’s degree, East European Institute Psychoanalysis (St. Petersburg).

Clinical Psychology and psychological support, master’s degree, Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine (Kyiv).

Clinical Psychology, master’s degree, Kiev Institute of Modern Psychology and Psychotherapy.


Victimology” (132 hours) – working with the victims of violence, catastrophes, terrorist acts and military action – Institute for Applied Social Technologies (St. Petersburg) and Chief Military Clinical Hospital (Kyiv).

Psychiatry” (144 hours), East European Institute of Psychoanalysis (St. Petersburg).

Тransgenerational Trauma” (116 hours), Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis (Moscow).

“Sexopathology” (140 hours), Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis.

Postgraduate competence development

Lviv Psychoanalytic Institute of Mental Health,

Kiev Institute of Rational and Intuitive Psychotherapy “I”:

“Borderline patient psychoanalysis”, “PTSD Psychoanalysis”, “Bipolar Affective Disorder: diagnostics and therapy”, “Borderline Personality Disorder: diagnostics and therapy”, “Modern ways of treating depression”, “Psychiatric diagnostics”, “Psychotherapy of personality disorders”, “Dream interpretation: the sum of technologies for working in Psychotherapy and Consulting”, “Pathopsychological diagnostics”.


Since 2011, I’ve been studying spiritual knowledge: Indian philosophy and Jotish. I contribute into publishing the translated writings by Indian authors

Specialized training in military psychology

Took two training courses by Dave Grossman – a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and a professor at the premier military academy at West Point


A training course detailing the psychology of military combat and the psychological effects of violence.


A training course analyzing the mental processes involved in killing on the battlefield. On therapy and recovery from.

Accredited membership in professional associations

I am an international partner in several communities where there is shared experience and professional networking