Psychotherapy of trauma

I work with crises, neurotic conditions, anxiety, panic attacks. With loss, depression, PTSD. With the trauma of war and transgenerational trauma

Psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist, sexologist



Psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist

My education and experience are about human dramas and mental health. I have 20+ years of experience, of which the last 12 have been in private clinical practice.

During the war in Ukraine, I remained in Kyiv where I work with the victims. I have founded NGO War Psychotrauma Institute. community of Ukrainian colleagues who work in extreme conditions; I also run a Telegram channel. I lead an intervision and therapeutic groups, have developed an original coursesI organize conferences, accumulating international experience of colleagues. I conduct individual therapy and accompany patients in their psychiatric treatment.

Telegram channel “Psychotrauma of war”

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Individual Enterpreneur Physical Person
Tetyana Stanislavska
Taxpayer’s identification number: 2650815605
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