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Create projects based on competence

Developing the brand “War Psychotrauma Institute”

WAR PSYCHOTRAUMA INSTITUTE – is a trademark that has been officially registered since November 2022 in class 44 of the INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF GOODS AND SERVICES-12 (mental health services, medical services for the analysis, diagnosis and treatment of people).

Professional community

Training programs of Ukrainian psychotherapists:

  • Grief psychotherapy (“Grief Therapy,” “Letters to Grief”);
  • Psychotherapy of sexual violence (“Trauma of sexual violence. Life after”);
  • Trauma psychotherapy (“What’s wrong with him,” Emotional Imagery Therapy workshops);
  • Military psychology (“War won’t write off”, “Almost at Zero”);
  • Psychoanalytic therapy (“Dreams during the war”).

Non-government organization

National scale projects:

  • Training programs for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of physicians, medical and pharmaceutical professionals;
  • Programs for intensive training in the psychology of combat;
  • Psychological assistance programs for military families.