I invite you to go deep

One-time consultations and regular therapy

You cannot find your therapist but you can meet one. We may turn out to be a match and make a great journey towards recovery together, or we may not. Both options are okay.

Tetiana Stanislavska

Psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist

What I don’t do:


I don’t restrict myself to psychoanalysis

In our work we can use not just psychoanalysis if other methods turn out to be more efficient.


I don’t lose touch

After consultation I don’t ignore your messages. In special cases I remain on quick call.


I don’t interrupt

If the time for the meeting has passed but you are still crying, I don’t interrupt the session and instead give you the chance to finish and calm down. You don’t need to pay for that additional time.  


I don’t come late

Our therapy sessions always start on time.


I don’t raise prices midway

Having agreed the price once, I don’t raise it even if it has changed for others.


I don’t forget

I listen attentively and memorize well. You won’t need to tell the same story several times.